Fizz Up Your Packaging


Ramondin special product line for sparkling wines offering a large choice of stock sizes, colors, and shapes now available at Janson Capsules. Manufactured in details following a truly artisanal process.

Ramondin Coiffes are available in various materials depending on your packaging strategy:
-  Pure Tin material for a Premium luxury touch and a perfect expression of Elegance
- Polylam for a Refined and Prestige look
- Our Inspiration range: with for a plastic-free and sustainable closure solution and our Cloé coiffes for extra security thanks to the incorporation of a QR code.

Our Sparkling foils secure your product while sublimating your brand image and enhancing your marketing strategy.  Customization available for a sophisticated and high-end packaging. 
Give your sparkling wine the packaging it deserves! 


Our muselets selection's highest premium class for Sparkling wines. The elegance of the reliefs is our hallmark and will provide the excellence your product deserves.

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Benefits of Ramondin Coiffes & Muselets


  • Sparkling foils are available in polylam, plastic-free aluminum or tin materials
  • A traditional look for an expected sparkling wine packaging
  • Sparkling foils ensure a cork and wine protection 
  • Ease of opening thanks through the use of a tear-tab 


  • High-end look with unlimited customization options 
  • Various finishes: matte, glossy, silk, shiny, etc.
  • Each detail counts: packaging plays a major role in the Wine and Spirits industry as a brand identification
  • We ensure a product 100% in line with your marketing strategy


  • Discover our Digital Sparkling foil "Cloé": a smart-foil to prevent counterfeiting in the Sparkling wine industry 
  • An integrated QR code for a higher and controlled product security
  • Identical quality to standard sparkling foils 
  • Same customization options than standard sparkling foils for a successful product strategy
  • A key element for your communication strategy towards your customers