Enhance Your Packaging

Pure care, Pure Trust. The Highest Quality Closure: Ramondin Premium Tin capsules. Our most exclusive product fitting all types of bottles perfectly. 

This seamless and eco-friendly one-piece capsule is a key element to enhance your packaging design, identify your brand and position your product to a high-end level. Ramondin Premium Tin capsules are the highest premium choice as far as elegance, luxury and singularity in packaging.
Our Experience with tin capsules is historical, unique and constantly growing; we are experts.

A wide range of stock sizes and colors are available. Unlimited premium customization

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Benefits of Ramondin Premium Tin Capsules


  • Pure tin label
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% sustainable
  • Customization with water-based inks 
  • Enhance your "Green" image 


  • The highest quality capsule in the industry
  • A highly malleable material to fit all bottle types
  • A unique touch and look
  • Unforgettable opening experience for your customers
  • A tailored design for a successful branding strategy


  • Unlimited decoration capabilities 
  • A matchless perfect finish
  • Qualitative and precise embossing details 
  • Laboratory for deep custom color development 
  • Luxury, elegance and perfection in every single capsule